The Committee

Of course this conference did not appear out of thin air. A team of seven highly motivated students have been working on this conference for over a year. We have all done this with great pleasure and we hope you enjoyed the conference!

Emilio Oldenziel


Organising the 2017 SNiC is a great challenge, speakers, location, sponsors, promotions have to be managed in harmony to make it a success. As the chairman I'm blessed with a good team of enthousiastic people which I have a lot of fun with making the SNiC 2017 happen. I hope that you enjoyed the SNiC as much as we did, organising it.

Guus Klinkenberg


During my year as board member of Cover, I got to realise how much these conferences contribute to broadening the horizon of the students. That made me want to bring the organisation to Groningen. As secretary I made sure everyone had access to the information they needed, worked on the back-end of the website and consequently made some new features this year.

Robin Entjes


Since I've started studying, SNiC was always an event I looked forward to. When I got the opportunity of organising the event, I had no doubt doing it. I had to make sure that there's money available to make the conference happen. It is a challenging task, but I learned a lot about it.

Harmke Alkemade

Commissioner External Affairs

As Commissioner of External Affairs, I have the chance to make companies enthusiastic about collaborating with us. This makes me very enthusiastic about the conference as well! I love the theme Disruptive Technology, because I’m really looking forward to work with all those exciting technologies after finishing my studies. I hope that with DisruptIT we have given you an inspiring look into the future!

Martijn Luinstra

Commissioner Speakers

The content of the programme is my main responsibility. As a Computer Scientist who is always looking for ways to broaden his horizon, I am looking for stories. My goal was to fill your day with interesting talks by enthousiastic speakers, who can teach you something you haven't heard before. I want everybody to leave the conference inspired by new technologies and motivated about the future of Computer Science.

René Mellema

Commissioner Logistiscs

Before I had organised events, but nothing on the scale of the SNiC before. It was a lot of fun to see how everything gets together when organising such an event. Finding the right location was also a time consuming, but very rewarding and enjoyable. I hope you all have had as much fun at the conference as we had organising it!

Xabi Krant

Commissioner Public Relations

I am the youngest of the committee, so I had to compensate my lack of experience with my enthusiasm. For me working on giving you this conference has been an amazing experience. I have been responsible for all the promotion material, the logo and the design of the website. When I started I did not know how to do any of these, but this committee has taught me a lot, besides it being a lot of fun!

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